Thursday, June 30, 2005

I just don't get it

"When in the course of human events . . ." begins a very important document in the USA. We are losing out rights very quickly in the good old USA. The Supreme court decision allowing local governments to take property (with compensation) from a private citizen and give that property to another private entity is just plain wrong.

Granted the local government must have a well planned plan for economic development, and it must be to the public good. I wonder how quickly a plan could be developed? A few generous campaign contributions might surely speed the process.

Carried to its ridiculous extreme (something humans are pretty good at) trhe case could be made that a local government must require that all property be used in the way that generates the most tax revenue.

Goodbye home, hello automall. Yeah, that is the absurd extension. I hope we get a little sense back in the court soon.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Lace is fascinating to me. I've tried various lace techniques (bobbin and needle included) and, for me, knitting lace is the most satisfying. A yarn over makes a little hole; a decrease makes a slightly raised area. Combine them and you have shapes.

My current knitting projects are shawls with lace. One is a finer gauge navy blue circular one. It has bands of Celtic knot and key designs. There are a few free charts for these patterns on my web site. The second is a Faroese style with lace in the center panel.

Knit on.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Be Safe

As I have had more to rattle about I decided to join the rest of the world and blog. When the Space Frontier Foundation had FFO running I posted the following:

Why Space?

I look at the night sky and wonder what's out there. Many stars, maybe planets like our own Earth. Or not. In my mind's ear I hear a voice, my son when he was about 8, "Mom, we're going to the creek to explore."

"Be careful, son. Want to take some cookies with you?"

"Sure, thanks Mom. See you later." I know what's at the creek, the dangers, but I have to let him go. He knows what to watch and listen for. He knows to sniff for fire, listen for the rattle of the snake, he watches for danger. I hope I have taught him well.

Several of you who are trying to go Out There are very dear to me. I see in you the explorer that is in my son. You have That Look in your eyes when you talk about the stars and rockets. I don't know all the dangers out there, I cannot know, I cannot teach you. "Stay here! Be safe! You could get hurt! You could get killed!" are the words I want to scream because I care. Instead I say "Be careful, Friends. Want to take some cookies with you?"

Be Safe, Dear Friends